Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Seek is going to be a champion

Agility 101:
I can't begin to explain the speed this girl has on her! She is like speedy gonzales... but a border collie. Well, today was the first day of completing a whole course. Seek and I have never done this. It was really fun. We were the first to start off, and with a bang I must say. Perfect run. Next time around not so perfect. I find it hard to complete touches (since Seek wants to stop and touch, but then is ready to go...without the "OK" command), and get back on track. Seek is so fast that when we have to stop and do touches, I can't continue my path of shortcuts, therefore once we are ready to leave our touches, Seek is so far ahead she starts to spin, waiting for a command. Argh!

Besides me being too slow, Seek understands the object of the sport and did I mention she LOVES agility? Well, she's only a year old, but this summer when she is 15 months old and there are trials in our area (which I've already looked into), then we will compete. I can't wait!