Friday, June 12, 2009

It's a beautiful day today! We woke up, and instead of doing our usually frisbee routine, we immediately headed out the door for some hiking.  Seek and I had a lovely morning, hiking the trails of a nearby park. The trail is somewhat short, so we did it twice. The trails at this park are the un-official off-leash trails. But before heading to the trails we picked up Seek's best friend Henley (my mom's Catahoula/SMD), and of course stopped by the coffee stand. Can't live without my coffee. 

There were a few dogs on the trail. The first we met was a poodle with all it's fur, all fluffy and happy. Then came the fetch gig the dogs always coax me into. They found the "perfect stick." They only want the one stick. If you try to throw another they will ignore it, they have to have the same stick! So we played fetch for awhile. This isn't very easy when hiking, lots of tripping over dogs, sticks smacked against the back of your leg while the dogs run by, etc. Henley has this funny habit of keeping Seek in check, he used to also do this with our bc mix Lucy, a.k.a. Lucifer. Anytime Seek goes off the trail to explore and I have to call her back, Henley will growl and jump on her or snap at her, almost like a bitch would her pups. However, if Seek disappears off the trail and comes back on her own without me calling her, then it's fine... Henley doesn't care and leaves her alone. Maybe he thinks she's in trouble if I have to call for her, or maybe it's his way of herding. The next dogs we met were two young cocker spaniels who were very friendly and not at all intimidated by Henley (about 110 lbs). Apparently they live with some newfoundlands. We wrapped the trail one more time before heading back to my mom's.

When we got to my moms house, we decided we were up for some fetch with the chuck-it, and some pool time. Seek thinks the pool is bath time. When I put her in, she looks so akward just standing there, so dramatic. While playing fetch, the field we were at had some sprinklers going. Anytime Seek's ball would get near them, she would take the long way around to get the ball and not be sprayed. She loves the river or lake though!

Off to the granary we went. I was just there yesterday. I ended up getting Seek some food that didn't have corn in it, made by Pinnacle. My cats hated that food, so I wasn't sure if Seek would like it. The taste test proved she was ready for a change. So today all we got was some Royal Canin cat food and a trachea for Seek. Seek loves going to the granary, because she gets to meet other dogs and the people that work there spoil her with treats. At one point she was hanging out behind the counter with the workers, apparently she was ready to work for treats. They thought it very cute.

Well, the last part of our nice day closed with some agility practice. We were working on some foundation skills, such as going forward and not turning to me for a treat or to see what was next. NO MORE SPINNING SEEK! Seek has improved a bunch. She used to constantly spin and bite me. So I used a tug for her to go on and not look back. This worked very well, naturally. Then we practiced her down stays with some jumpers and wrap work. She was doing very well. She is so much more focused when we practice agility at home. At our facility she gets so excited and wound up that most of our time is spent working on calming her and getting her to focus. I was very proud of our training session. We kept it a little short and then played tug afterwards. 

Right now I'm sitting in the back yard while seek lays in the shade crunching on the trachea we picked up at the granary and a pizza is baking in the oven, life is good. Nala, our feline abyssinian companion is laying under some chairs on the back porch and Yum Yum, our dearest Main Coone is definitely up to no good. She doesn't even have to look for trouble, it always seems to find her. She has a split personality disorder. One minute she is sweet and loving, the next she turns into "ick ick" and runs around the house at full speed growling at herself. It's pretty entertaining. It stimulates Seek! Some nights when I bring Yummers in the house she will be mad and immediately beat up the nearest sibling. Oh Yum Yum. 

Seek is now rolling around in the grass all silly, she is so cute! She always cleans herself off after eating. She usually uses the rug in the front room or my bed for her napkin. 

I am off to work in an hour and a half. I work only 2 nights a week. It works out perfectly. Every day is a Seek day. All my time is spent and devoted to giving Seek a fun and happy life. When I am at work I think of her and miss her. I usually never do anything for myself, not because I can't, but I choose to hang out and do stuff with my pup instead. It works for me and it works for Seek.

Au Revoir!

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  1. Seek is making great strides in her agility skills - - as are you ;)

    Sounds like you had a GREAT 'Seek' day!

    Roz has better practices @ home too :(

    -maggie and 'the girls'